Born Under Lights & Sound

Prior to this piece, I had been using the Toysmith #1381 Multi Voice Changer in my work for a number of years, but only for its sonic qualities, and generally in free improvisation. While this piece began as an exercise in tinkering (replacing the internal microphone in the megaphone with a quarter-inch audio jack so that sound recordings could play through the megaphone without the “dry” source being heard), it quickly became focused on the role of the Cartesian divide in the effects the internet has had on recent generations. Two markedly different texts, one lifted from internet advertisements and one that is comprised of honest statements about my own body, are read in the same tone of voice and heard from the same source. This brings up the notion of the internet being both a source for increased distance between body and mind, as well as an increased connection between the two. The internet provides the means for finding solutions to the very problems it creates.